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How to apply study in Germany

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If you are planning to continue your study in Germany for Indonesian or apply the first degree in Germany, then this tip can help you to prepare and apply study in Germany.

  1.    Choose which university you want to apply.

Well, after you decide to choose Germany as a destination for study abroad, then the next step is to choose the university. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a database around 2000 program that available to search, include the program in English taught. Unfortunately, the opportunity to study in Germany at the undergraduate level is very limited. To get more option, you also can check to the latest ranking of the top university in Germany and use a comparison tool to help you decide the best one.

  1.    Check the requirement of admission.

Before you apply the first thing you need to do is check the current qualifications and requirement by your chosen university. To apply a study in Germany you will need to have HZB certification. You also need to check for the language requirement. Of course, almost of courses are taught in Germany, but you also can find some of the programs that offered taught with English for the international student program.

  1.    Get the financial order.

To fill your student visa requirement, you will need to show the proof that you have access around €8700 per year to cover your living cost. Living cost varies depending on the city where you live. If you are very concerned about the cost, you also can find for a scholarship available for international students.

  1.    Apply.

Most of the subjects are available to apply directly to the international office from the university. You may wish to apply numerous courses and universities to increase the chances of being admitted as international students in Germany. At many universities in Germany, it is possible to apply for the admission twice a year in winter or summer semester.

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